Sayonara 2016

ears gauged pupils dilated drinking warm kingfisher sat in the green room when it isn’t even your gig make passes at 16 year old girls cry after a bad review cry ’cause there’s no gigs avoid critique at all costs snapchat videos of people just like you edm stars instagram celebrities purveyors of expensive shite tasting organic food nagchampa conscious living mindful shithead surfer jock chillum smoking mdma in your vodka tonic but only a wee bit still listen to post rock still prostrate yourself to wolf mother excuse me while i throw up rip off shitty bands contribute nothing twitter expert “sapiosexual” close minded science denying myopic career stoner armchair activist militant vegan order people around equate domestic help to second class citizenry share memes talk socialism bernie sanders celebrate modi mourn castro call ali cassius fake smile faker laugh chet faker worshipping uninteresting dweeb chat loudly on dancefloors complain about noise make breakfast listicles ignore reality coordinated marketing campaigns temporary profile pictures share this please like my page help traction bite the hand that feeds quit your job fuck capitalism screw the man move to goa make dreamcatchers wear native feather headdresses pretend it’s ibiza not andheri make no difference to anyone around you ever waste of fucking space breath place time daft incorrigible fatuous c**t.

Yeah. I’m making a lot of new friends in 2017.

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