Thank you dublab! Thank you scene!

Doing that two-hour guest spot at dublab in Los Angeles two Mondays ago was one of my favorite experiences of the last few years and I’m honoured to have been part of dublab’s programming. It is and has always been, in my opinion, the gold standard for community, non-profit radio, and its open music policy is the reason I’ve been tuning in for so long. dublab also enjoys cult status all over Los Angeles for their deep, deep involvement within the local music scene and to be associated with them and subsequently invited back is something for me to personally cherish.

From the beginning, I was clear I wanted to showcase a side of Indian electronic music that’s rarely heard outside of India, and sometimes rarely paid attention to even within India. While that meant scouring the Internet for hidden gems, it also meant personally contacting many producers whose work I admired to ask them for unreleased music. I’m thrilled that so many of them were happy to oblige and also trust me implicitly with their material. Furthermore, it made me very happy that people all over enjoyed the mix and turned more people on to it, though I have to say there was very little “mixing” involved, so-to-speak. I also forgot to put Aniruddh Menon’s album-opener on my USB stick so had to download the album onto the dublab computer and have it transferred onto another USB while FILM’s track played out in the background. Rookie mistake, I know. I have to say though, part of the beauty of long-format radio shows is the freedom to sequence tracks as you wish. I wanted badly to play all these tracks out in full so as to not compromise on each individual artistic statement, and so I did.

The end product (I’ve only listened to it once since) is something I am immensely proud of, and I’ve got only the musicians to thank for that. I travel everywhere these days for work and for gigs and see myself getting involved in many local music scenes. And no matter which dingy little techno club I’m perched upon in any  corner of the world, I’m proud to represent what we have here in India.

Here’s the LINK to the show where you can stream the mix and even download if you like. I would personally suggest a download so you can cruise in your car or listen to this while traveling. Also, here’s the track list in-full:

Yidam – ‘2E002′ (Unreleased)
Six Flying Elephants – ‘Slow Silhouettes Against The Sun’ [Bangalore Recording Company]
Disco Puppet – ‘Teenaged (w/ Savyasachi)’ [Consolidate]
_RHL – ‘IWH’ (Unreleased)
Dutty Deedz – ‘Her Seance’
Sandunes – ‘Switching Rails’ [Red Bull 20 Before 17]
Nikhil Bhanu – ‘Dasvidaniya’ (Unreleased)
Jamblu – ‘Hypocrite’
Seasound – ‘Rojat 4’ (Unreleased)
JESSOP&CO. – ‘Act The Object’ [czaszka (rec.)]
Stalvart John – ‘A Dream I Can’t Remember’
Disco Puppet – ‘Untitled’ [Consolidate]
2 – ‘Indian Military Spent 6 Months Investigating ‘Chinese Spy Drones’ Only To Discover They Were In Fact Jupiter and Venus’ (Unreleased)
FILM – ‘Odyssey To Consumption’ (Unreleased)
Hashback Hashish & 5volts – ‘H(CHB11CI11)’
Snad & Fiend – ‘Meltdown (Mood Stabilizer Morning Mix)’ [Gandu Records]
Ravana – ‘Operation Greenhunt (Dub Him A Maoist)’
Aniruddh Menon – Surpanakha [Consolidate]
Riatsu – ‘The Universe Needs To Know’
The Sine Painter – ‘- Pt 1′ (Unreleased)
brnsctr – ‘Export Attempt 2’ (Unreleased)
Sushruta Ghosh – ‘Love Evaporates From Her Eyes Like Tears Drying Up From Her Cheeks’ (Unreleased)
Sushruta Ghosh – ‘Raw Underbelly Of Nowhere’ (Unreleased)
_RHL – ‘Janta Music’ (Unreleased)
Profound – ‘inner – cadillac – er’

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