No Hero Radio #003 <> brnsctr’s coarse grind

I had two very basic ideas for this blog when I started out. First, I’d hoped I could introduce anybody who cared to read to music both new and old without having to pitch pieces to newspapers that I knew would never be green-lighted. Second, I wanted it to be a world separated from “scene” stuff because music writing in India was becoming bleak to the point that a handful of writers were vying to write about the same albums as expediently as possible after their release, engaging in what was essentially another form of PR minus using the letters ‘P’ and ‘R’. I desperately wanted to sidestep that trend, and well, so far it hasn’t fared too badly.

I also wanted to feature mixes under the ‘No Hero Radio’ banner but strictly not DJ mixes that stuck to the standard DJ mix script. Conscious and careful selection of music would be an absolute priority, or at the very least there would need to be a theme or a story attached to the music being showcased. Otherwise, what’s really separating a No Hero Radio show from the thousand of mixes already out on Soundcloud and Mixcloud? In my search to look for literally nobody to contribute towards this, along came brnsctr, somebody many of you know as the person behind ARTLESS and the King Brain Mixtape (both available on Bandcamp). I plugged brnsctr’s last DJ mix on the blog because it did the kind of job in 30 minutes what many mixes fail to do in a couple of hours – it kept me actively engaged. I then urged brnsctr to send me something more expansive because by then I was rather fond of his selections that dug deep into soul, hip-hop, psychedelia and the electronic abstract – the kind of music that soundtracks most of my days. It’s no secret that I’m 100% for mixes that feature perfect tunes rather than perfect blends, mixes that really strike me as more relevant to the art of DJing (research and contextualisation) rather than the technical aspects of the craft (blending and beatmatching).

So, this the third No Hero Radio show featuring a guest mix by brnsctr. In its 1 hour and 13 minute runtime, you’ll find an exemplary selection of material by Gigi Masin, Li’l B, Sun Ra, Barrington Levy, James Brown, Mac Demarco, Marvin Gaye, YG, and more. Make no mistake, this is the best mix of music you’ll hear all day and perhaps all week. Essential listening. I also asked brnsctr a few questions, answers for which you can check out below the mix.

What have you been up to lately?
Living. Trying to keep occupied with positivity.

Do you have new music coming out soon?
Hopefully. The answer to that question changes on a weekly. Between King brain and artless I had 1800 plus beats / loops / tracks… It’s more about why. I would like to be so close to the truth as possible. A theme that can get me going. That’s all. That’s what I aspire for (at least right now).

I don’t want to do something just because I can. It has to be a little more than that…

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