Welcome to THE MACHINE

March was a monumental month for rap music seeing as one of hip-hop’s biggest labels (Shady Records) signed two of hip-hop’s greatest underground rappers (Conway and Westside Gunn). And I celebrated. I celebrated because while the duo would have lit up the underground hip-hop scene for years, it was about time they got their recognition. Their output across multiple mixtapes and albums over the last few years has been nothing less than phenomenal and heads in the know have lapped all of it up. Flygod was my album of 2016, and Conway’s Reject 2 narrowly missed out on sharing that honour because it dropped near the end of 2015. In the weeks following and preceding the Shady Records signing, the two brothers were all over YouTube doing interviews and freestyles and getting all the attention they rightfully deserved. In the midst of all that, I happened to chance upon this UNREAL Statik podcast (a ‘signing special’) featuring Westside, Con, Benny, their fucking amazing producer Daringer, Prodigy, Just Blaze and more.

Listening in, all of what I’d imagined over the last couple of years began to fall into place and I realized why Conway is on track to be the most memorable rapper of this generation and also why Griselda is the greatest gift to the rap game in many, many years. By all means, listen to the whole podcast, it’s 100% worth your time, but if you want to have a tiny example of what can only be described as greatness, cue up to 5:50 and play till the end. 

Long live Conway and Westside Gunn. Long live GxFR. Welcome to The Machine. 

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