miXXX: Ephemera by brnsctr

Enigmatic beatmaker brnsctr has just dropped a taut, laid-back selection on Mixcloud filled with some absolute gems ranging from Solange’s ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ to Francoise Hardy to the criminally-overlooked Brazilian Jose Mauro to Nico Jaar’s ‘Colomb’ to a… Read More

Bump This Now: fre$h by Profound

February, as is custom, brings tributes to the late James Yancey b.k.a J Dilla by the hundreds. So, I’m gonna try (hard) to steer clear of likening the new beat tape by Profound to Dilla-anything. Decidedly, it’s sample-driven… Read More

Thank you dublab! Thank you scene!

Doing that two-hour guest spot at dublab in Los Angeles two Mondays ago was one of my favorite experiences of the last few years and I’m honoured to have been part of dublab’s programming. It is and has always been, in… Read More

At Rave’s End + No Hero Radio #002

I think my real introduction to communal dancing and the rave scene began in the illegal parties on the outskirts of Mumbai and Goa. I’d attended concerts before that, but the testosterone-charged atmosphere of Bombay’s metal and rock concerts… Read More

Believe The Hype

In August of the year gone by, I spent an evening at Indie Music, a popular record store in Beijing’s Gulou district talking shop with their one staffer about the many cassette labels in China putting out experimental… Read More

How to NOT Be a Dick at a Gig in 2017

* Show up early Insist on paying if you aren’t on the list Keep your hands to yourself Shut the fuck up so others can enjoy the music *

Andretti 12/30 and The Year Of Spitta

There’s a new Brian Eno record rather ceremoniously lined up for release tomorrow but fuck all of that and let’s talk about today. Let’s talk about today and 2016, which by any measure, has been The Year Of… Read More

Sayonara 2016

ears gauged pupils dilated drinking warm kingfisher sat in the green room when it isn’t even your gig make passes at 16 year old girls cry after a bad review cry ’cause there’s no gigs avoid critique at all… Read More

Love Fast, Love Free – George Michael (1963-2016)

Fuck you 2016. You just added George Michael to your list of victims and you know what the the worst part is? I get the feeling you aren’t even done yet. C**t. Now for a brief anecdote: I… Read More

An Approach to DJing Seriously

Disclaimer: This is really not the simple approach, but they’re the rules I’ve chosen to abide by. This is in all likelihood the laborious approach but is ultimately, what I would imagine to be the most satisfying, if you really love… Read More